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Facility Based Ventilator Unit
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Third-Party Billing
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Accreditation Program
Our bite-size approach makes it easier to achieve accreditation.

Accreditation Continuation Toolkit (ACT)
Get ongoing access to a quality plan, tools and experts.

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  Accreditation Standards for Healthcare Providers  

Accreditation standards for healthcare providers.

Who we serve

HQAA has Deemed Status Authority by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to accredit durable and home medical equipment, including orthotics. HQAA has accreditation standards designed for the following healthcare providers and related organizations: HQAA accreditation is beneficial to organizations of all sizes and all providers of HME.

Where we provide services.

HQAA provides accreditation services in HME locations, nursing homes and physicians’ offices, along with pharmacies that are stand-alone or located within another operation.

Save time and improve the overall quality of your business.

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