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HQAA is an accreditation organization that shifted the paradigm of thinking to an approach that is managed by YOU. With our web-based process and individualized accreditation coaching, our approach is 100% centered on YOUR ORGANIZATION.

HQAA Accreditation Services tailored for you include:

Infusion/Home IV Compounding
Pharmacy: Limited DME and Full Line DME
Facility Based Ventilator Unit
Medical Practice
Third-Party Billing
HME Certified Professional

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We offer three different levels of service. You can apply to become accredited by HQAA. You can sign up for ACT, our online maintenance service. Or you can renew your current accreditation with HQAA. Just choose the right option for you.


Do you have questions? Good, because we have answers. We know that each business is unique and each organization has a distinct set of needs and personnel. So please reach out and let us prove why it makes so much sense to work with the experts at HQAA.

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