Post Accreditation

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HME Post-Accreditation with ACT

Stay an HQAA Quality Champion with ACT!

Once you’ve become an HQAA Quality Champion, continue your commitment to quality with HQAA’s Accreditation Continuation Toolkit (ACT) Service. ACT is an ongoing, web-based service designed to help you maintain compliance with the necessary standards and your policies and procedures throughout the duration of the accreditation award.

Everything you need to stay up-to-date is in one place:

Users of the ACT Service often find the process of renewing their award of accreditation to be both time and cost efficient. The ACT Service is available for the low, flat rate of $75 per month, and requires no time commitment! In addition to the low subscription fee, you’ll also get a portion of the ACT Service fees paid applied to your renewal accreditation fee!

HQAA, an industry leader, was the first to offer this dynamic, goal oriented post-accreditation service. In addition to ease and expertise, you’ll benefit from the ongoing access to your workroom and have access to your coach throughout.

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Not an HQAA Quality Champion?

No problem! You can get AMPT with HQAA!

Stay current with your accreditation standards with HQAA’s Accreditation Maintenance Program Toolkit! Much like the ACT Service for HQAA Quality Champions, the AMPT Service is designed to keep you on track with your commitment to quality in short, efficient steps regardless of who your current accreditation organization is. HQAA is here to help you maintain your compliance!

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