Third-Party Billing Accreditation  

Earn the trust of Customers with third-party billing accreditation.

In this industry, trust is everything. Now there’s a clear way to prove your billing company’s integrity and earn the trust of your customers: HQAA accreditation. HQAA is a CMS deemed-authority accreditation body for DMEPOS and one that offers accreditation for third-party billing organizations. Our Web-based tools and personal accreditation coaches are designed to help you run leaner and meaner. So you can earn more trust and more business.


HQAA’s standards include:

  • Organizational requirements
  • Program and services
  • Human resources
  • Quality monitoring and performance improvement
  • Billing practices
  • Compliance program

Meeting the standards online — and offline.

While HQAA places great emphasis on thorough online documentation review, our on-site surveys are every bit as meticulous. All site visits are unannounced and not only verify the submitted documentation, but include detailed observation of third-party billing processes. As a result, HQAA consistently garners high customer satisfaction ratings with their accredited providers for the partnership and collaborative approach.