CMS Approved DMEPOS Accreditation Organization  

HQAA: A CMS approved DMEPOS accreditation organization.

You want your clients to have access to the highest-quality healthcare services. So do we. That’s why we encourage you to recognize HQAA. The benefits of HQAA allow your HME partners to focus on what they do best — providing high-quality medical equipment services to those in need.

More quality options makes for happier customers.

We understand accepting another DMEPOS accreditation organization can be time consuming and may cause additional expense. Yet, with thousands upon thousands of HME companies required to be accredited, there is a real need for insurers to recognize more accreditation organizations. And, we know you’ll want the company that provides the best value, process and price — HQAA — to be on your list.

Learn more about why recognizing HQAA is in the best interests of your customers. Get more information on how it works. Review our high-quality standards. Understand why patients benefit. See the list of insurers who formally recognize HQAA.